Conservation Kids
Kids who know how to find nature in their own backyard and treat it with respect are Conservation Kids. Some get involved with projects that help nature, others even educate people about nature. If you know a Conservation Kid, email their picture to us with the child's name, age, and school. If YOU are a Conservation Kid, feel free to email, or send a pic. Either way let us know you're here!

Natasha is a Conservation Kid!

Natasha is a Conservation Kid!
She loves fishing and catching frogs. She is keeping a list of animals she wants to videotape. It includes a red-winged blackbird and a deer!

Nina Sofia (Fia) is a Conservation Kid.

Nina Sofia (Fia) is a Conservation Kid. She loves fishing with her sister, Natasha, and she helped to raise this baby squirrel.

Jack is a Conservation Kid! He was inĀ  Your Big Back Yard magazine because he likes to observe the squirrels in his yard!
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