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This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.

Outdoor ExplorersHow do I contact Outdoor Explorers for an appointment?

Easy! Call the number at the top of the screen (586) 665-6769. Or hit the mailbox on top to email us!

Will you really customize a program to our specific needs?

Yes! Just let us know where the teachers are with their lesson plans, and we will make sure the program supports the GLCEs that they are working with!

How long is each presentation?

Each classroom presentation is approximately 45 minutes long. We can and do accommodate day long programs at YMCAs and various summer camps, too.

How many students can you accommodate for each session?

We prefer to to do individual classroom presentations with 30 students or less, but will combine 2 or 3 classes, not to exceed 60 students. We have accommodated as many as 75, but require advance clearance to do this.

Do you have references?

Yes, we do! Call us, and we will provide them!

Can we have you back for a follow-up program?

Yes, and we will reinforce prior lessons as well as bring new,fun lesson plans and animals!

What kind of animals do you bring?

We bring native Michigan species, many of which children will be surprised live in their own back yard! We will bring at least three animals for the kids to see and touch. Pocket, the flying squirrel can be viewed, but not touched - he is too small and might glide away from us!

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