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Every child knows we need to save the rainforest, but few can identify the wildlife in their own backyard! Many shows bring exotic pets in for children to see. Michigan's Outdoor Explorers in the Classroom recognizes that in order to learn science, it's essential to acquaint children with their own environment in a fun, unique way that stimulates their curiosity.

We use a live animal in-class presentation to show your children, hands-on, what an amazing planet they are part of! When children understand their own surroundings they can make the leap to understanding the planet we share. Once the relationship they have with the rest of the world becomes visible, going green suddenly has new meaning, recycling has a purpose, and the reality that we are stewards of the earth becomes clear. Wildlife is no longer something in a zoo, it is in their backyard, and it has significance. Predator/prey relationships are more than just graphs.

Outdoor Explorers


Teachers are required educate and test students according to a set of very specific guidelines at each grade level. These are the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations, (GLCEs, or "Glicks") Outdoor Explorers in the Classroom customizes its presentations to correspond exactly with the Michigan GLCEs, supporting educator efforts, improving test scores, and entertaining students!

Outdoor Explorers in the Classroom programs use an interdisciplinary approach to meet the GLCEs in science, incorporating social studies, math and language arts into our hands-on adventures. We can even meet science requirements in a very fun gym class environment! Our fun filled animal workshops in the classroom reinforce inquiry-based learning. Lessons come to life when kids see first- hand how Michigan's natural world works and how they fit into this dynamic system!
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