Meet Our Friends


Flying Squirrels


Flying squirrels live in Michigan!

Pocket is one of the squirrels
that live in Michigan. He is a
southern flying squirrel!
Pocket is a mammal. He drank milk
when he was a baby!






Pocket's bed



This is Pocket's bed!

Flying squirrels live in nests.
Here is the nest he lives in.











Pocket is very friendly

Pocket is friendly. He is a prey
animal (an animal that is eaten
by other animals). Pocket doesn't
like loud noises! In the
treetops, it is pretty quiet. If
you get to meet Pocket, be very





Squirrels in Michigan

There are four types of squirrels
in Michigan - Fox, Grey, Red and
Flying (Northern and Southern)!
Do NOT try to pet a squirrel!
They are cute, but they have
sharp teeth and could think your
finger is a nut!
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